How to purchase reasonable commercial property in Berlin: Hall, office or storage space, premises, lots, atelier

Jakobs real estate agent searches, organizes and has enterprises, to form a joint building venture or building association. Associates of a Building association join forces purchasing at economical prices, with more choice, and they save searching time. The enterprises purchase together a bigger commercial property, divide it into individually owned properties, use and manage the space: halls, office buildings and sites in Berlin.

Manufacturing, craft, trade, storing place, logistics, workshop, service companies, social, culture, studios are suited for the project. From approx. 200 sqm space up 3000 sqm, according to the commercial property still larger. The prices vary according location, facilities and space from 1.500 to 2.500 €/sqm, plus additional costs of the division, as well as planning and costs of the individual building alterations.

The member of a building community save expenses, because utilization and management of the surfaces can be formed more efficiently, by shared spaces, for example conference room, break room, visitor's parking and own contribution.