These facts and figures speak for the Berlin real estate market

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Jakobs real estate informs about current tendencies in the Berlin property market. Condo Prices increased faster than the rents, whereas new building rents grew stronger. Low interest level justify the slightly exaggerated prices. CBRE point, that unchanged influx, approximate 40.000 each year, as well as the commerce, generate still strong demand and stable chances in Berlins real estate market, according to annual housing report 2020 by CBRE. The rental tab will be reviewed by the constitutional court

Berlin and the Berliner real estate districts

The reason why property in Berlin is so popular

The popularity of Berlin, also in job offers and tourism, originates in the quality of living, multitude of institutions of education the varied cultural and art scene, green spaces, perfect local transport and accessibility. Despite the rising rents and real estate prices during the last year, the price level in Berlin is still affordable, compared to other metropolises. However, up to now at below-average spending capacity and income, whereas the number of employment circumstances and household incomes grow. The vast majority are 1 to 2 person households. The number of smaller households keeps on rising. Planning and development of new construction, presently more tenements than condos, do not supply the need foreseeably, for now.

How and where rents and prices develop in Berlin

The property assets kept rising in 2019, e.g. Condo by 10,2 % and rents on offer by 1 % up to 10,44 €/sqm/month on average, whereas marked differences exist between the Berliner Districts. Rents in Berlin (€/sqm/month/average price) rose in Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf up to 12 €, Mitte 13 €, Tempelhof Schöneberg 10,52 €, Kreuzberg Friedrichshain 13 €, Pankow 10,97 €, Steglitz Zehlendorf 10,67 €, Treptow Köpenick 9,92 €. Above average rises are reported Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg + 9,1 %, Mitte + 5,7 % and Charlottenburg + 6,9 %. Still the lowest rents are Marzahn Hellerdorf 7,89, Spandau 8,86, Reinickendorf 9,42, although the rents there rose, too. Source: CBRE Data basis empirica-system

Which Berlin districts are popular for freehold flats or condos

Mitte (5.372), Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (5.037), Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf (5.313), Pankow (4.810) have still an upper price range in 2019, (= average, medium price on offer €/sqm), followed by Steglitz Zehlendorf (4.466). A middle price range is recorded for Lichtenberg (4.075), Treptow Köpenick (3.639) and wheras Neukölln (3.658) still surprises. Reinickendorf (2.991), Spandau (2.962), Marzahn-Hellersdorf (2.893) offer opportunity prices. Numbers source CBRE Data basis empirica-systeme 2019

Why Berlins homes grow into the surroundings

Detached houses and flats near Berlin offer, to live in green surroundings, with fast, comfortable access to all Berlin advantages. Potsdam leads in prices and as biggest city in Brandenburg near Berlin. Increasingly popular are towns, with city train or regional train station. Towns like Teltow, Mahlow, Blankenfelde, Erkner, Zeuthen, Wandlitz, Neuenhagen, Strausberg, Bernau, Birkenwerder, Hohen-Neuendorf, Birkenwerder, Hennigsdorf, Falkensee, Ahrensfelde qualify as price alternative to Berlin for interested buyers and tenants. Especially families could profit by more school and childcare offers at several locations in Brandenburg.