Validate, sell or let your real estate high-priced, safely and promptly

Several criteria weigh differently, concerning the value of your real estate.

Jakobs offers efficient real estate broker service. In Berlin we sell, rent out and help to evaluate your property. We sell property and render market price appraisal service in Berlin, Germany and in Europe, too. We bring to market: flats, freehold flats, apartments, single-family houses, building plots, tenements, business premises. Owners pay no estate broker commission cost at all, neither if they sell any type of property, nor if they rent business premises.

Who pays the real estate agent commission

Jakobs real estate charge this commission, including legal V.A.T., given that a rental or a notarized deed is brokered and that the commission is not stated otherwise in the offer/expose. The additional payment of purchase price to the seller and the rent payment to the landlord do not include the commission.

For this estate broker service The owner pays: The tenant/buyer pays:
Rent out/Let flat/house residential use Owner pays 2,38 months cold rents commission Tenant pays only on written individually placed search order
Rent out/let of Business Premises Owner pays 0 commission Tenant pays 3,57 months cold rents commission
Selling any real estate, re-purchase, leasing Owner pays no commission Buyer pays 7,14 % commission
Market Price valuation any real estate Owner pays no commission -

Benefit and value provided by a professional property agency service

  • We help you, to valuate your property and rent, market-conform
  • Reflect the customized marketing strategy
  • Detect, complete, verify details and documents for the property
  • Work out the rent or sales argument
  • Give advice, arrange if needed, to present the property perfectly
  • Make and optimize picture or videos and plans of the property
  • Create and place promotionally effective ads, expose material
  • Bilingual in advertising, multilingual in contact and viewings
  • Advertise at least on 5 platforms
  • Answer and follow up on the requests immediate and entirely
  • Offer viewings also on Saturday and Sundays
  • Keep contact with tenant concerning viewings
  • Invite and remind missed-viewings and existing clients
  • Check buyers and tenants data, solvency and seriousness
  • Supervise and arrange the buying process, if needed

  • Please contact us, to sell or rent your property or to estimate the value.