How to estimate and benefit the value of your property correctly

Several criteria weigh differently, concerning the value of your real estate.

A realistic value appraisal is decisive, whether buyers or tenants are interested in your property. You do not have to spend money immediately for a fair real estate market value appraisement. E.g. the compilation of purchasing prices data by the Rating Committee or a comparison of the topical real estate offers provide clues for the valuation. Free of charge and obligation, discreetly, we offer support, to estimate the pricing of your property. On the basis of long-time experience, topical market research and your object information, we assist you, to calculate, in line with the market.

Criteria, which raise or lower the real estate value

- Location: good, urban, safe situation, close to shopping facilities and public transport
- Newer amenities: upmarket parquet floor, open fireplace, shutters, fitted kitchen, elevator, balcony
- Modernization: central heating, thermal insulation, windows, roof, sanitary insulation
raise e.g. the value

- Rural, remote, structurally weak, unsafe areas
- Construction defects, or repair backlog
- Old, not refurbished building stock
lower e.g. the property price

We discuss with you, which characteristics of your property are crucial and how to highlight them. We do not compile in terms of a regular expert witness valuation, but help owner estimate an approximate price of their condo, flat, home or plot.